Construction Units

Highrise Construction Units

Our Highrise construction units are the same as normal construction units for fit and function except they are equiped with a crane harness allowing portability to elevated heights with a crane hook.
Note, all our construction toilets are M of L approved. 
From the outside, construction units look the same as our regular portable toilets, but inside have an added recirculating flush tank.
Construction Units Include:
* Handwash Sink with Soap
* Toilet Paper & Paper Towels
* Recirculating Flush Tank
* Ministry of Labour Approved
* Available in either Handle or Foot Flush Tanks
Additional Construction Options
Other options for construction restrooms include our lineup of Construction Heated Units. These units are great for both long and short term construction jobs as well as in colder months.  To view our line of heated units visit Single Heated Unit or Double Heated Unit pages.
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